Forget Me Not by Isabel Wolff

Forget Me Not

By Isabel Wolff

My seventh novel Forget-Me-not (which is a change of title from 'The Sweetest Thing') was be published on March 5th. The heroine, Anna Temple, is a garden designer, who is becoming well known for her elegant designs, whether of small city gardens, or grand country landscapes.  She is also single mother to Milly, two and a half, whose father, Xan, is frustratingly absent.  Anna, realising that Milly needs a father figure in her life falls for Patrick Gilchrist, a successful entrepreneur, and amateur bee-keeper. He seems to be the answer to her problems, but is he as sweet as he seems?  And what is Anna's feckless younger sister, Cassie, up to, and what is their widowed father hiding from them both?

I've been hugely helped in my research for Forget-me-not by the garden designer, Charlotte Rowe, whose wonderful garden designs can be seen at her website,

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"Family secrets are unravelled in this touching tale. As Anna tries to deal with the death of her mother, the aftermath reveals some life-changing events from the past. A true feelgood read to devour in one go."- Woman Magazine
"Feel good escapism."- Elle
"You won't be able to put this romantic comedy down."- Closer
"A lovely tale."- The Sun

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